April Week 3

April Week 3

Join every day or tune in on the days that suit you! By joining the class planned in our April Calendar you take the hassle out of choosing a class each time you step on the mat.

Friday 15th April - 40min Calm Body, Calm Mind

Saturday 16th April - 40min Stress Set for Adrenals & Kidneys

Sunday 17th April - 5min Releasing Anger & Negativity *NEW*

Monday 18th April - 30min Beyond Fatigue *NEW*

Tuesday 19th April - 10min Clean Lymphatics & Adjust lower back

Wednesday 20th April - 60min Kriya for Elevation

Thursday 21st April - 15min Readjust Hemispheres of the Brain *NEW*

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April Week 3
  • Calm Body, Calm Mind

    A simple and effective class to calm the body, mind and nervous system. This gentle class will align your energy along the central axis of your spine, both physically and energetically. Bring the three main Nadis (energy channels) located along the spine of Ida, Pinagala and Shushumna into balanc...

  • Stress Set for Adrenals & Kidneys

    Everyone has stress in modern day life, so it's important to have an energy reserve to allow us to keep up with life. Healthy adrenals and kidneys play an important role in keeping your energy levels high so that you can do all the things you want to in life. Move through poses such as forward-be...

  • Meditation for Releasing Anger & Negativity

    A short 3 minute mediation to release anger, frustration and any negativity that is weighing your down. We'll get straight into the practice without tuning in to clear your energy field.

  • Beyond Fatigue

    This yogi set will take you beyond fatigue. One thing that creates fatigue for many people is feeling stressed. Stress can leas to burn out and mental fatigue, stopping you from living life to its fullest. The adrenal glands are our energy reserves, allowing us to adapt to stress and relax when w...

  • Clean Lymphatics & Adjust Lower Back

    A short kriya to tune up your energy or prepare yourself for a deep meditation. The lymphatic system is often overlooked despite it being a significant system in the body. It helps to remove waste from every cell while also regulating the immune system. Expect to feel energised, centred and balan...

  • Readjust the Hemispheres of the Brain

    When you are stressed your body produces a big release of adrenaline which can make you feel anxious if your body is in a state of stress often. This creates an imbalance in the brain and feelings of overwhelm and stress become your normal. This meditation will bring harmony back into the brain, ...