June Week 5

June Week 5

29th June - 25min Folding & Unfolding Energy
20th June - 10min Meditation into Thoughtlessness (NEW)

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June Week 5
  • Meditation into Thoughtlessness

    In todays world there is so much stimulation for our brains to handle, everywhere we look there are images, advertisements, screens etc, making it hard for our brains to switch off. This meditation will reorganise the mind and your thoughts to take you deep into meditation where experience the st...

  • Folding & Unfolding Energy

    This yoga kriya body will work with moving the energy up through the chakras. The chakras are the energy centres in the body, as you center the energy through these central energy points you create harmony and peace in the body. Finish with a simple 11 minute meditation to leave you feeling extre...