March Week 4

March Week 4

Tuesday 22nd March - 25min Challenge the Ego in You *NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 2)

Wednesday 23rd March - 25min Developing Strength & Balance *NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 3)

Thursday 24th March - 25min Experiencing your Elementary Personality *NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 4)

Friday 25th March - 25min Self Control through Developed Sensitivity *NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 5)

Saturday 26th March - 25min Understand Your Goodness *NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 6)

Sunday 27th March - 25min Unloading the Unconscious Burden *NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 7)

Monday 28th March - 25min Conquering One's Imagined Disabilities *NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 8)

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March Week 4
  • Self Control through Developed Sensitivity

    Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, as it focuses on increasing self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. This gentle class works with body tapping to create a smooth flow of energy through the nadi channels, as well as tuning up the glands and organ...

  • Conquering One's Imagined Disabilities

    We can be our own biggest obstacles sometimes. Coming back to your centre point and connecting to your intuition is key to getting out of your own way. Allow yourself to get over the negative mind and clear any past experiences that are blocking you. Todays class will start with some warm up befo...

  • Unloading the Unconscious Burden

    Quite often we can feel heavy, weighed down and trapped by the unconscious mind. This meditation series will clear any heavy burdens you are carrying to give you some breathing space where you have clarity and lightness. Deeply listen within so that you can connect to your intuition and allow you...

  • Understand Your Goodness

    An active class working with a lot of breath of fire to bring in an abundance of Prana into the body. Stimulate your energy flow through body tapping and activation of the lower back. We'll finish with a seated meditation to go within and connect to the universal life fore energy that lies withi...

  • Challenge the Ego in You

    An active physical class with lots of breathwork to work on the lower chakras where our ego resides. Sometimes our ego can rule us and when we live too much from the lower chakras we make decisions with our primal instincts which aren't balanced with our heart and intuition. Through this class yo...

  • Developing Strength & Balance

    Use the breath to create strength and balance in your energy. Your breath is a powerful way to create a harmony of balance in your energy flow. Your two main Nadi channels, Ida and Pingala, run from each nostril down through the centre of the body and are responsible for keeping the opposing ener...

  • Experiencing Your Elementary Personality

    Sometimes we get so lost in the flow of life that we forget how important it is to know ourselves and work on ourselves. This is a very meditative class to work on the elemental personality and balance the planetary energy. You will balance between Jupiter and Saturn, combining their influences t...