March Week 5

March Week 5

Join every day or tune in on the days that suit you! By joining the class planned in our March Calendar you take the hassle out of choosing a class each time you step on the mat.

Tuesday 29th March - 25min Experiencing the Original You NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 9)

Wednesday 30th March - 25min Creating & Conserving Pranic Energy NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 10)

Thursday 31st March - 25min Conquering Depression NEW* (I AM Centred Sadhana Series Day 11)

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March Week 5
  • Conquering Depression

    It is common to feel depressed when you are overwhelmed with fear and insecurity. These emotions can weigh you down with heaviness in your energy field, making you feel stuck and trapped. When you are consumed by negativity your energy field becomes very weak and small, making it harder for you t...

  • Creating & Conserving Pranic Energy

    We waste so much prana through our days from negative emotions, overthinking and negativity. This practice will help you to create and conserve your prana so that you have an abundance of light and bright energy to draw upon throughout your days. Expect a quite meditative class where you will rem...

  • Experiencing the Original You

    The primary goal of yoga and meditation is to bring you back to the connection to your true self. Starting with a few warm up poses, we will then move into a beautiful 10min meditation series using breath retention. The technique of breath retention allows us to let go of anything cluttering the ...