March Week 5

March Week 5

Join every day or tune in on the days that suit you! By joining the class planned in our March Calendar you take the hassle out of choosing a class each time you step on the mat.

Wednesday 29th March - 15min Balancing Heart and Mind

Thursday 30th March - 30min Creating Internal Balance

Friday 31st March - 45min Awakening the 10 Bodies

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March Week 5
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  • Balancing Heart & Mind

    Come into your heart center in this short meditation combining sound through whistling and an internal mantra. It is common to get stuck in our heads so this meditation will allow you to come back into the heart space. When we live life from our heart center we can make decisions with more clarit...

  • Creating Internal Balance

    This class will work on releasing emotions and balancing the glandular system. We'll stimulate energy flow through the body, as we move this energy we bring the chakras into balance. As we align the chakras we can also balance the glands, allowing us to bring the whole system - energetically and ...

  • Awakening the 10 Bodies

    Although it is easy to forget it when we’re going about our daily lives, we so much more than just our physical body. In Kundalini philosophy we have not one but ten bodies! These bodies are made up of our one physical body, three mental bodies and six energy bodies.

    1st     Soul Body
    2nd    Ne...