October Week 5

October Week 5

Class schedule for the 29th - 31st of October!

Sunday 29th October - Radiance & Grace
Monday 30th October - Balancing Head and Heart
Tuesday 31st October - Circulation & Meditative Mind

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October Week 5
  • Balancing Head & Heart

    In modern life it is easy to get caught up in your head and overthinking things. This practice will bring you back into your heart center where you can listen to the intuitive guidance from your heart.

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  • Radiance & Grace

    Move through the body to tune up through the glandular system. Hold each posture as we take long deep breaths and focus at the third eye. Finish with a beautiful meditation to develop your intuition and attract opportunities. Expand the energy from your heart center and tap into the energy of Nar...

  • Circulation & Meditative Mind

    In yogic teachings we describe the mind as having three elements. The positive mind, negative mind and the neutral or meditative mind. By balancing the positive and negative elements of the mind we can come into our neutral or meditative mind where we can go deeper within. When we get stuck in th...