June Week 4

June Week 4

22nd June - 25min Developing the Command Reflex and Alertness
23rd June - 30min Creating Internal Balance
24th June - 40min Reaching Your Mental Richness
25th June - 40min Raise Kundalini
26th June - 25min Generating Navel Tapa
27th June - 30min Enhance, Extend & Manifest
28th June - 30min Balancing the Aura

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June Week 4
  • Generating Navel Tapa

    Tapas is the psychic heat that can be created in the body. This simple class will transform energy through the physical body and supercharge the chakras through navel focused poses using sound and mantra.

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  • Developing the Command Reflex and Alertness

    A short and active kriya working with the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra to develop the command reflex and alertness in the body and mind. As you chant the mantra you will command the movement of your body in time with the mantra. This is a powerful way to keep the mind focused and alert in the present momen...

  • Creating Internal Balance

    This class will work on releasing emotions and balancing the glandular system. We'll stimulate energy flow through the body, as we move this energy we bring the chakras into balance. As we align the chakras we can also balance the glands, allowing us to bring the whole system - energetically and ...

  • Reaching Your Mental Richness & Spiritual Strength

    Go beyond the physical body by getting out of your own chaotic mind and experience the infinite. Center your energy and balance the hemispheres in the brain through the use of postures combined with mudras. Working with the mantra 'SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM WHA-HAY GUR...

  • Raise Kundalini

    Cleanse the energy up through the body to elevate your awareness and consciousness. Starting at the base of our spine, work on rising the energy up the central energy channels. From this state of elevated consciousness and awareness we abundance to flow into our life. Finish with a meditation kno...

  • Enhance, Extend & Manifest

    Build the positive mind and build your creative flow! When we live from the positive mind we can manifest our goals and create the life of our dreams. Begin with a yoga set with poses such as spinal flex, stretch pose and ego eradicator. Finish with a 11 minute meditation using the powerful mantr...

  • Balancing the Aura

    Everybody has an energy field surrounding their body known as an Aura. It is scitenfically proven that there is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our bodies.

    When you're feeling flat and depressed our energy field becomes small and weak, which makes us much more vulnerable. When ou...