March Week 1

March Week 1

Join every day or tune in on the days that suit you! By joining the class planned in our March Calendar you take the hassle out of choosing a class each time you step on the mat.

Wednesday 1st March - 15min Complete Adi Mantra
Thursday 2nd March - 35min Instinctual Self
Friday 3rd March - 10min Communicate Your Honest Self
Saturday 4th March - 40min Yogic Salutations
Sunday 5th March - 40min Heart & Soul
Monday 6th March - Meditation to Bless Yourself
Tuesday 7th March - 40min Sat Kriya Workout

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March Week 1
  • Meditation to Bless Yourself

    It is common to send out blessings and healing to other people but how often do you focus your attention on sending blessings and love towards yourself? This practice will begin with a simple warm-up series for the spine before dropping into a mantra meditation to shower yourself with love, light...

  • March Class Calendar Download

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  • Complete Adi Mantra Meditation

    The most familiar mantra used in Kundalini Yoga, The Adi Mantra is the chant used at the start of every class to tune into your practice. When you chant this powerful mantra you go beyond your ego to connect to your own inner wisdom within yourself. This meditation will take you through rapid rou...

  • Instinctual Self

    Rebalance and realign the energy flow through your body in this active class with poses such as cobra, font platform, crow and sat kriya. Begin by working on your lower chakras, where your survival instincts and power are held. Aligning your lower chakras allows you to let go of learned patterns ...

  • Communicate Your Honest Self

    Good communication expresses the real you. Learn to communicate your honest self in this meditation using a variety of tools including mudra and mantra. Bring balance into the heart center to connect to your own truth and project that out into the world. As you move the fingers you will balance t...

  • Yogic Salutations

    In this class we will work wth Yogic Salutations to connect to your Self.

    Often when we salute, we’re saluting to something outside of ourselves. In this class we will go within to salute to our own inner ‘guru,’ letting go of our fears and problems to access our soul connection.

    We will do 1...

  • Heart & Soul

    The heart is the center point of the chakra system and represents the balance between the physical realm and subtle realm. It is the balance point between the lower foundational chakras that relate to our earthly needs, and the upper chakras which relate to higher states of consciousness. The Hea...

  • Sat Kriya Workout

    Sat Kriya is one of the most powerful poses and meditations in the Kundalini energy system. It works on drawing energy upwards, transforming the energy from the lower chakras into the upper chakras. It stimulates the naval to bring Kundalini energy up through the body to elevate consciousness and...