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CNS and the Pituitary Gland

All Kundalini Yoga Classes • 24m

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  • Tattvas, Pranic Ribcage & Nervous System

    The Tattvas are the five elements that make up all physical matter (earth, water, fire, air, ether). As you move through this class you will build pranic flow in the body. This class is deep and meditative, involving arm postures to bring you deep within yourself.

  • Health, Energy, Radiance

    A very simple, gentle set moving through a basic spinal series to align your energy. Use bandhas to transform energy into the upper chakras before moving into a pranayama and meditation practice to boost health and immunity to feel glowing and radiant!

  • Adjust Your Flow – The Four U’s

    As you move through four postures you will go deep into meditation. Holding steady in each pose will allow the energy flow to adjust and invigorate you. Each posture is held for 7 minutes. The difficulty is where the magic happens!