August Week 3

August Week 3

Monday 15th August - Gain Clarity & Insight (Mental Wellbeing Challenge)
Tuesday 16th August - Clear Perception (Mental Wellbeing Challenge)
Wednesday 17th August - Enhance, Extend & Manifest (Mental Wellbeing Challenge)
Thursday 18th August - Laser-like Focus to Plant Seeds of Intention (Mental Wellbeing Challenge)
Friday 19th August - 35min Beyond Fatigue
Saturday 20th August - 40min Reaching Your Mental Richness & Spiritual Strength
Sunday 21st August - 30min Getting Rid of Subconscious Depression

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August Week 3
  • Gain Clarity & Insight

    When you clear your mind you can come into a space of stillness where things become clear. Start by balancing your aura and strengthening your nervous system as you move through a series of poses using a 22 count breath. Finish with an 11 minute mediation using the mantra 'Har Har Wahe Guru' to b...

  • Clear Perception

    The magic of clear perception comes in when you are deep in meditation. Start with a spinal series to awaken the energy along your spine and prepare your body for meditation. Connect with the universal flow of the known and unknown in an 11 minute mantra meditation.

    Music: https://open.spotify....

  • Enhance, Extend & Manifest

    Build the positive mind and build your creative flow! When we live from the positive mind we can manifest our goals and create the life of our dreams. Begin with a yoga set with poses such as spinal flex, stretch pose and ego eradicator. Finish with a 11 minute meditation using the powerful mantr...

  • Laser-like Focus to Plant Seeds of Intention

    Go deep within to manifest your intentions! A meditative class starting with a gentle yoga class to balance the right and left side energies in your body and prepare your body for deep mediation. Be guided through an 11 minute three-part meditation using the breath, stillness and mantra. Go beyon...

  • Beyond Fatigue

    This yogi set will take you beyond fatigue. One thing that creates fatigue for many people is feeling stressed. Stress can leas to burn out and mental fatigue, stopping you from living life to its fullest. The adrenal glands are our energy reserves, allowing us to adapt to stress and relax when w...

  • Reaching Your Mental Richness & Spiritual Strength

    Go beyond the physical body by getting out of your own chaotic mind and experience the infinite. Center your energy and balance the hemispheres in the brain through the use of postures combined with mudras. Working with the mantra 'SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM WHA-HAY GUR...

  • Getting Rid of Subconscious Depression

    Supressed emotions are often stored within the physical body. We'll work with a lot of movement and shaking to release any blocked and stored negativity. The energy flow moving through the body will clear our energy and allow emotions to pass through us with acceptance. Each posture will be held ...

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