I AM ABUNDANT ~ Sadhana Series

I AM ABUNDANT ~ Sadhana Series

Abundance and prosperity can be attracted into our lives through the power of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. True prosperity comes not when we accumulate material possessions, but when our being comes into flow and your actions align with your destiny. Being prosperous creates contentment, ease in giving, and a trust in the Universe. In this 11 day series, we will work through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes to bring us into prosperity flow.

Prosperity flow is about generating abundance in all aspects of your life. Whether that’s love, friendship, creativity, health, job opportunities, or money. Anything you want to bring into your life can be generated by working on your prosperity flow. To bring in prosperity we must expand and open our energy field to receive everything that comes our way. We will purify our aura (energy field) to clear the pathway for our future and let go of anything that may be blocking our path. The biggest obstacle sometimes can be our own self and our negative mind. By moving our energy and clearing through any blocks we become radiant to attract positive opportunities our way.

Intuition is also a big part of allowing prosperity in your life by using your inner wisdom to guide you on your path. A consistent yoga and meditation practice develops our intuition, the inner knowing, which we can use to navigate through life with more ease. We can truly listen to our inner guidance and gut instincts to make good decisions and live in the prosperity flow.

Join Erin to build prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life!

About the Sadhana Series:

Sadhana means spiritual daily discipline. Doing a home yoga or meditation practice can be hard to keep consistent and motivated. This series will help you to create a daily habit of looking after your mind and body. The Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes will be 30- 40 minutes a day combining physical movement with breath practices and meditation to allow you to experience what is beyond the body and go deep within yourself.

What to Expect:
~ 11 Day Series
~ 35 minute classes
~ Spotify playlists to use alongside your classes
~ An 11 day calendar to plan your classes
~ Create a regular yoga practice

I AM ABUNDANT ~ Sadhana Series
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  • Balancing the Vayus

    Energy moves through the world and flows through each of us. This energy, known as Prana, moves through our bodies through what is known as the Vayus. Vayu translates to wind, and are responsible for the flows of energy that move through our body. Although they are subtle, the Vayus have large im...

  • Removing Body Blocks

    Remove any blocks that are preventing you from creating prosperity in your life. Blocks can be physical in your body through tension, stiffness or tightness, as well as can be held in the mind through self limiting beliefs. We will move a lot through the body to release these blocks and create a ...

  • Balance Brain & Build Intuition

    A mellow class to balance the brain through postures that combine arm movements and coordination. Tune up the opposing hemispheres of the brain and finish with a segmented breath meditation. This meditation develops our intuition and allows us to go deep into the meditative mind. From this place ...

  • Radiance & Grace

    Move through the body to tune up through the glandular system. Hold each posture as we take long deep breaths and focus at the third eye. Finish with a beautiful meditation to develop your intuition and attract opportunities. Expand the energy from your heart center and tap into the energy of Nar...

  • Prosperity Flow

    Work from the pelvis upwards to awaken and move the Kundalini Energy, the creative potential stored within the body. Align through the chakras, allowing your energy to use and allow you to step into your own infinite potential. Chant the mantra 'Gobinda Gobinda' as we meditate, calling upon the s...

  • Elevate Consciousness

    A meditative class utilising pranayama (breathwork) and the mantra 'Sa Ta Na Ma,' to increase our intuition. 'Sa Ta Na Ma' represents Birth, Life, Death & Rebirth. Chanting this mantra allows us to balance through these aspects of the ever changing forms of energy. We will elevate our consciousne...

  • Build Abundance

    Build prosperity flow to manifest wealth in your life! Align the energy in your body through Kundalini Yoga then finish with a mantra meditation to create prosperity flow in your life and attract abundance and wealth. This meditation stimulates the mind, the moon center and Jupiter. The yogi teac...

  • Prosperity, Goodwill & Projection

    Whatever you put out into the universe influences what you receive back. This class will tune up your energy with lots of breath of fire to burn through any karma's and purify your energy. The meditation will use Jupiter finger to bring in wisdom and knowledge. The mantra will take you into the ...

  • Raise Kundalini

    Cleanse the energy up through the body to elevate your awareness and consciousness. Starting at the base of our spine, work on rising the energy up the central energy channels. From this state of elevated consciousness and awareness we abundance to flow into our life. Finish with a meditation kno...

  • Open to Opportunities

    Clear your energy and remove any energetic, mental and emotional blocks to cultivate manifestation flow. This will allow us to manifest whatever it is that we would like to bring more of into our life. Yoga postures such as crow pose, shoulder stand and sat kriya will move the energy up through t...

  • Eliminate Karmic Blocks & Flow with Prosperity

    Let go of anything blocking you energetically and allow yourself to come into prosperity flow. Flow through a beautiful tune-up yoga set to move the energy through the body and allow energy to circulate and clear any blockages. Finish with a meditation to flow with prosperity and bring abundance ...

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