I AM HAPPY ~ Sadhana Series

I AM HAPPY ~ Sadhana Series

“Happiness is your birthright.”

In this 11 day series, we will be cultivating joy, radiance, and happiness. Quite often we get caught up in our suffering and negativity that we forget we are naturally happy beings. Through these short Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes, we will build positive energy and pranic flow within the body in order to expand our energy to project happiness and radiance to those around us.

We will also work on expanding our Aura, which is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body. Everyone and everything has an auric field. The Auric Body is the 7th of the 10 bodies as described in Kundalini Yoga. When our aura is expansive and strong we attract positive opportunities to us and repel negativity. A strong aura gives you a confident and uplifting presence. However, when we get caught in our negative minds our aura becomes weak which can result in getting stuck in this feeling of negativity, insecurity, and vulnerability.

We will expand our energy to be bright and radiant by building the pranic power at the navel and charging up the pranic flow that runs through our bodies. At the end of the 11 days, you will feel light, bright, and happy.

Let’s build happiness together!

About the Sadhana Series:
Sadhana means spiritual daily discipline. Doing a home yoga or meditation practice can be hard to keep consistent and motivated. This series will help you to create a daily habit of looking after your mind and body. The Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes will be 30- 40 minutes a day combining physical movement with breath practices and meditation to allow you to experience what is beyond the body and go deep within yourself.

What to Expect:
~ 11 different classes
~ 30 - 40 minute classes
~ Spotify playlists to use alongside your classes
~ An 11 day calendar to plan your classes

I AM HAPPY ~ Sadhana Series
  • Sun Energy

    The energy of the sun is healing, uplifting and life-giving. Through this class we will cultivate sun energy in the body to bring these positive qualities into our own energy. One of the main solar centres in the body is the Solar Plexus so we will be focusing at this spot at the navel. Through d...

  • Developing the Positive Mind

    In yogic teachings we look at the mind as having three facets - the positive mind, negative mind and neutral mind. When we get stuck in our negative mind we get caught in a downward spiral where we can't get out of our own way. By allowing ourselves to switch into the positive, we can have a bett...

  • Recharge Yourself

    We have the ability to build energy within the body through our breath, through food we eat and through the ay we think. In this yoga class we’ll work with breath of fire to stimulate the energy in the body. Breath of Fire is one of the foundational breath techniques used in the practice of Kunda...

  • Circulate Energy

    We can build positive energy and happiness through moving the body. As we move through this class we will boost endorphins in the body and circulate energy throughout the entire body and into your aura so that you radiate happiness.

    We’ll finish with chanting the mantra ‘har’ and doing a pranaya...

  • Balancing the Aura

    Everybody has an energy field surrounding their body known as an Aura. It is scitenfically proven that there is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our bodies.

    When you're feeling flat and depressed our energy field becomes small and weak, which makes us much more vulnerable. When ou...

  • Navel Power

    The navel is the main source of energy and is the balance point between the intake of energy (prana) and the elimination flow (apana). The meeting point of these two opposing energies coils around at the navel and allow Kundalini energy to rise. As you power up the navel you balance your energy t...

  • Heart & Soul

    The heart is the center point of the chakra system and represents the balance between the physical realm and subtle realm. It is the balance point between the lower foundational chakras that relate to our earthly needs, and the upper chakras which relate to higher states of consciousness. The Hea...

  • Keep Up Spirit

    'Keep Up' is an affirmation commonly taught by Yogi Bhajan to inspire enthusiasm and drive. This class will expand your heart and vibrate energy into every cell in your body, bringing positive enthusiasm into your life. This class will create joy, peace, and the power to uplift yourself and those...

  • Health & Openness

    This class will move the body to remove any blocks in the energy flow. The energy circulating through the nadi channels can sometimes become stagnant and blocked. This can result in resistance, challenges and unresolved emotions which make it difficult to move forward in life. This class will cir...

  • Circulation & Meditative Mind

    In yogic teachings we describe the mind as having three elements. The positive mind, negative mind and the neutral or meditative mind. By balancing the positive and negative elements of the mind we can come into our neutral or meditative mind where we can go deeper within. When we get stuck in th...

  • Sat Kriya Workout

    Sat Kriya is one of the most powerful poses and meditations in the Kundalini energy system. It works on drawing energy upwards, transforming the energy from the lower chakras into the upper chakras. It stimulates the naval to bring Kundalini energy up through the body to elevate consciousness and...

  • I AM HAPPY Sadhana Series Calendar

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