July Week 4

July Week 4

Friday 22nd - 40min Total Mental Balance
Saturday 23rd - 75min Kriya for Morning Sadhana
Sunday 24th - 40min Balance the Glandular System
Monday 25th - Balancing Sexual Energy / PMS (NEW)
Tuesday 26th - 30min Self Control through Developed sensitivity
Wednesday 27th - 45min Circulation of Prana
Thursday 28th - 5min Energy Boost

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July Week 4
  • Total Mental Balance

    The ancient yogis said that we have about 1000 thoughts at the blink of any eye. Meditation can allow you to calm the chaos of your mind. Move through a simple yoga kriya, tuning up the energy along the spine to lead into our meditation of Kirtan Kriya. This meditation works with the mantra 'Sa T...

  • Balancing Sexual Energy / PMS

    A class for both men and women to balance sexual energy from the second chakra, Manipura Chakra. The second chakra relates to the energy flow of creativity and sexuality. Move through combination of active poses to increase circulation and relaxing postures to release tension will allow you to fe...

  • Balance the Glandular System

    The glandular system is the guardian system for your health. To conquer stress when it arises in your life you need vitality to draw upon. A healthy glandular system allows you to feel full of vitality and energy so that you can handle feeling stressed or overwhelmed. This class is an active clas...

  • Self Control through Developed Sensitivity

    Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, as it focuses on increasing self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. This gentle class works with body tapping to create a smooth flow of energy through the nadi channels, as well as tuning up the glands and organ...

  • Energy Boost

    Feeling lacking in energy and lethargic? This is the practice for you to lift your spirits! This 5 minute breath practice will boost your energy, bring mental clarity and purify your body. A great class if you wake up feeling exceptionally tired or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

  • Circulation of Prana

    The flow in your body determines your emotional base. You feel full of energy and in control when your circulation is in excellent shape.

    This class will circulate energy through the body by moving through poses such as Crow Pose and Cobra Pose. As we move the muscles we put pressure on the meri...