November Week 4

November Week 4

Wednesday 22nd November - Become Crystal Clear
Thursday 23rd November - Energise Your System
Friday 24th November - Electro-Magnetic Field and Aura Perceptiont
Saturday 25th November - Work on the Meridians
Sunday 26th November - Circulate Energy
Monday 27th November - Adjusting the Upper Body
Tuesday 28th November - Energize the Self

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November Week 4
  • Adjusting the Upper Body

    An upper body focused practice to balance the energy through the meridians in the arms and hands. As you move your arms you will release tension to allow energy to flow up to the upper chakras and into the third eye and out through the crown.

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  • Become Crystal Clear

    Use the power of your breath to build you energy and clear the energy field that surrounds you. This is a meditative class using arm movements then finishing with some core work to anchor us down at our navel point. By the end of this class you will feel light, bright and centred within!

    This cl...

  • Energise Your System

    Move the body to stimulate the energy through the nadi channels and meridians of the body to feel light, bright and full of vitality! The second half of the yoga class will become more meditative the purify your mind to bring mental focus and clarity.


  • Electro-Magnetic Field and Aura Perception

    Build your electro-magnetic field, also known as your aura. In Kundalini Yoga, the Aura is known as the 8th Chakra. When our Aura is weak or small we can feel negative or depressed. When it is big and strong we attract positive opportunities and feel happy and energised. This meditative practice ...

  • Work on the Meridians

    Meridians are channels in the body which energy travels through. There are 5 main meridians that run through the body and all correspond to specific organs. When there is an issue in one of the organs, it can cause the flow in its specific meridian channel to be blocked.

    We will move through the ph...

  • Circulate Energy

    We can build positive energy and happiness through moving the body. As we move through this class we will boost endorphins in the body and circulate energy throughout the entire body and into your aura so that you radiate happiness.

    We’ll finish with chanting the mantra ‘har’ and doing a pranaya...

  • Energize the Self

    If you wake up feeling flat, tired or low in energy this is the class for you! Move through a short active set to generate energy flow through movement and breath to feel invigorated and full of vitality!