October Week 3

October Week 3

Class schedule for the 15th - 21st of October!

Saturday 15th October - 40min Balance Brain & Build Intuition
Sunday 16th October - 30min Let Go of the Past
Monday 17th October - 10min Conscious Breathing (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Tuesday 18th October - 10min Meditation for a Calm Heart (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Wednesday 19th October - 10min Breath Cleansing (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Thursday 20th October - 10min Gyan Mudra Kriya (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Friday 21st October - 10min Develop Your Praanic Energy (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)

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October Week 3
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    Download the monthly class schedule for October!

  • Balance Brain & Build Intuition

    A mellow class to balance the brain through postures that combine arm movements and coordination. Tune up the opposing hemispheres of the brain and finish with a segmented breath meditation. This meditation develops our intuition and allows us to go deep into the meditative mind. From this place ...

  • Let Go of the Past

    Memories from the past are stored not only in the mind but within our bodies, creating tension and tightness that can be difficult to move through and let go of. This class will encourage you to move past anything that is holding you back and come into the meditative mind where you can flow with ...

  • Conscious Breathing

    The way you breathe allows you to access the state of meditation where your mind is clear. By focusing your attention on the breath the chaos and clutter of the mind falls away to allow you to enter into the neutral meditative mind. Give yourself these 7 minutes to breathe deeply and consciously ...

  • Meditation for a Calm Heart

    In yogic philosophy the space between the exhale and inhale is said to be where the magic happens! When you sit in the stillness between the breaths your mind becomes clear and you go deep into meditation. Allow your heart to become calm as you mind gets absorbed into the stillness.

    This class ...

  • Breath Cleansing

    As you breathe you are balancing the energy coming into the body (prana) with the energy leaving the body (apana). This meditation will bring balance between Ida and Pingala, the main energy channels in the body, using alternate nostril breathing. When you consciously channel the breath between t...

  • Gyan Mudra Kriya

    A beautiful breath meditation to regulate the breath and balance your energy. By focusing your awareness on a 4-part breathing pattern your mind cannot wander and you will enter the neutral meditative mind where all thoughts fall away.

    This class can be practiced on it's own or as Day 4 of the...

  • Develop Your Pranic Energy

    Focus your awareness on the inhale breath to bring in more and more energy (prana) into the body. In this short 5 minute meditation you will concentrate purely on bringing prana into the body to feel full of life and vitality!

    This class can be practiced on it's own or as Day 5 of the 'Learn to ...