20min+ Meditations

20min+ Meditations

Go deep within in these full length meditations!

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20min+ Meditations
  • Ten Steps to Peace

    Remove painful memories or anything that is sitting in your subconscious that is holding you back. A seated meditation with mantra to release negative emotions and come back to a place of inner peace and forgiveness.

  • Pineal Gland ~ Seat of Consciousness

    A meditation series to draw energy upwards and stimulate the Pineal Gland. When you stimulate the Pineal Gland are drawing awareness to your '10th Gate.' This allows you to experience the infinite connection.

  • Fight Brain Fatigue & Live your Excellence

    A deep meditation using segmented breathing combined with arm movements to bring the mind into balance. When you feel tired or fatigued your energy can be flat and low. Use this practice to boost your energy so you feel light, bright and radiant.

  • Equinox Meditation on the Self

    The Equinox marks the day of equal lightness and darkness on earth. It is a powerful day in the spiritual calendar to turn inwards, balance your energy and set intentions for the coming months. This meditation series will take you twice through a sequence of four postures to tune up your energy f...

  • Basic Breath Series

    This Basic Breath Series focuses on the breath to rebalance your energy and bring more awareness to the way you breathe through your nostrils. Move through a series of breathing techniques, including alternate nostril breathing and breath of fire, to tune up your energy. Finish by chanting long “...

  • Pittra Kriya

    A three part meditation series to work on glandular balance and come into the parasympathetic nervous system. Each part in this series will take you through a 7 minute meditation involving mantra, mudras and breathwork. Finish with clearing your energy to alleviate stress and calm the mind.