I AM ENERGISED ~ Sadhana Series

I AM ENERGISED ~ Sadhana Series

An 11 day series to build energy and prana in the body, allowing you to feel energised and full of vitality! 

During the 11 classes we will build pranic flow, circulate energy throughout the body and build your aura surrounding your body. By building and expanding our energy you will feel light, bright and radiant.

We will move through a series of active classes to cultivate an abundance of energy. Rather than reaching for sugar or caffeine to build energy, we can use our yoga practice to build the vitality within us. This gives us a sustainable pool of energy to draw on without giving you the slump later on.

Finishing with a longer class on day 11, we will extend our energy and build the positive mind. Working with positive affirmations you will feel uplifted and energised to take on your daily life. By circulating the energy and building our magnetic field, we will connect to our inner light.

About the Sadhana Series:

Sadhana means spiritual daily discipline. Doing a home yoga or meditation practice can be hard to keep consistent and motivated. This series will help you to create a daily habit of looking after your mind and body. The Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes will be 30- 40 minutes a day combining physical movement with breath practices and meditation to allow you to experience what is beyond the body and go deep within yourself.

What to Expect:
~ 11 Day Series
~ 40 minute classes (Day 11 class is longer)
~ Spotify playlists to use alongside your classes
~ An 11 day calendar to plan your classes
~ Create a regular yoga practice

This series is best suited as a morning sadhana, to energise the body and set yourself up for the day ahead. If you are looking for an evening Sadhana practice we recommend our I AM Calm sadhana series.

I AM ENERGISED ~ Sadhana Series
  • Circulation of Prana

    The flow in your body determines your emotional base. You feel full of energy and in control when your circulation is in excellent shape.

    This class will circulate energy through the body by moving through poses such as Crow Pose and Cobra Pose. As we move the muscles we put pressure on the meri...

  • Energy Circulation

    This class will focus at our navel center, otherwise known as out core. Energy spirals out from this navel center so through this class we will work on drawing the energy out of the navel center and radiating energy around the body. Combining chanting, forward bending, and twisting we will activa...

  • Expand Your Aura

    In this class we will also work on expanding your Aura, which is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body. In Kundalini Yoga, the Aura is known as the 8th Chakra. When our Aura is weak or small we can feel flat or depressed. When it is big and strong we attract positive opportunities an...

  • Command the Brain

    This class will work a lot through the arms and hands, focusing on coordination of movement and the mind. The movement will help us to build a 'Keep Up Spirit,' by sustaining the postures and allowing the energy to align through the body. We'll move a lot and generate lots of energy to take out i...

  • Ribcage, Lungs, & Lymphatic System

    Balance the energy flow through the two main energy channels in the body, Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi. Nadi is a Sanskrit word which is translated as “channel”, or “flow”. The Nadis are the channels through which the energies of the subtle body flow, the life force energy known as “Prana”. Expect l...

  • Getting Rid of Subconscious Depression

    Supressed emotions are often stored within the physical body. We'll work with a lot of movement and shaking to release any blocked and stored negativity. The energy flow moving through the body will clear our energy and allow emotions to pass through us with acceptance. Each posture will be held ...

  • Work on the Meridians

    Meridians are channels in the body which energy travels through. There are 5 main meridians that run through the body and all correspond to specific organs. When there is an issue in one of the organs, it can cause the flow in its specific meridian channel to be blocked.

    We will move through the ph...

  • Invigorate the Whole System

    Kundalini Yoga works on awakening the Kundalini energy, the creative potential within ourselves. This creative potential sits dormant at the navel center. As we bring in Prana (inward energy) it combines with Apana (outward energy) and creates an invigoration of our energy. Strong energy at the n...

  • Creating Magnetic Fields to Expand Your Inner Self

    This class will allow you to move through any anger and any energetic blocks in the body. The first half of the class will be more active as we clear our energy through rapid movement and shaking. The second half of the class will allow you to relax and reset as we go into a deep hypnotic state t...

  • Balancing the Depository System

    This class will allow you to break through any energy deposits help in the body. We will move a lot to build prana and clear any stuck energy in the body. Working with a range of postures, only held for a short amount of time, to circulate the energy flow to get out of any unhelpful patterns and ...

  • Extend Yourself

    Kundalini Yoga allows you to tap into your inner energy source, bringing an abundance of prana into your body. This yoga set is known to give you energy for days on end! We'll work on moving the energy flow through the body and centring our energy at the navel through core focused postures. To fi...

  • I AM Energised Sadhana Series Calendar

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