October Week 4

October Week 4

Class schedule for the 22nd - 28th of October!

Saturday 22nd October - 10min Four-stroke Breath (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Sunday 23rd October - 10min Silent Meditation (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Monday 24th October - 10min Healing Meditation (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Tuesday 25th October - 10min Communicate Your Honest Self (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Wednesday 26th October - 10min Prosperity Meditation (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Thursday 27th October - 15min Kirtan Kriya (NEW Beginner Meditation Series)
Friday 28th October - 40min Positive Pranic Force

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October Week 4
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    Download the monthly class schedule for October!

  • Four-Stroke Breath for Meditative Balance

    As you segment the breath you segment the mind, letting go of all thoughts and negativity. In this short meditation you will use a four stroke breath, inhaling deeply before exhaling in four parts. This is a powerful breath to regulate the diaphragm to calm the mind.

    This class can be practiced...

  • Silent Meditation

    Silent meditation can often be challenging as we live in a world where there is a constant stream of stimulation and noise. It is common to struggle with silence and doing nothing as it means you have to learn be with your own thoughts. The more you practice sitting in silence the easier it will ...

  • Healing Meditation

    Become familiar with chanting mantra in this healing meditation drawing on the radiant energy of the cosmos. Using an ‘ashtang’ mantra made up of 8 sounds you will chant to move energy flow through the body, stimulate energy up the spine and circle energy through the chakras. As you chant the man...

  • Communicate Your Honest Self

    Good communication expresses the real you. Learn to communicate your honest self in this meditation using a variety of tools including mudra and mantra. Bring balance into the heart center to connect to your own truth and project that out into the world. As you move the fingers you will balance t...

  • Prosperity Meditation

    Bring prosperity and abundance into all areas of your life! Usually people think of prosperity as primarily money related, however we will create prosperity in your entire life by connecting into your intuition to guide you on the path of abundance. Learn to go with the flow as you let inner guid...

  • Kirtan Kriya

    Kirtan Kriya is one of the most important mediations in Kundalini Yoga. Use mantra, sound, mudra and visualisation to take you deep into meditation. By focusing your awareness on each of these tools your thoughts cannot wander and your mind will become clear. This is a great beginner meditation a...

  • Positive Pranic Force

    Use the energy of the sun to create positivity and enthusiasm and clear any obstacles so your future becomes clear.

    In this class we will work with the energy of the sun (surya) to build a positive mindset and positive panic force within the body. This sun energy will allow us to feel energetic,...