I AM FEARLESS ~ Sadhana Series

I AM FEARLESS ~ Sadhana Series

This is an 11 day yoga challenge to release any fears you have stored that are holding you back in life to develop confidence, strength and inner-power.

Fear is stored in the subconscious mind and can be limiting you from expanding into your confidence, strength and power. When we move through the layers of insecurity in the mind and disentangle the thread of self-limiting beliefs you can deal with things as they actually are, rather than as your fears portray them. Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation you can release your fears and blocks so that your thoughts are unclouded and you can experience happiness, peace and confidence.

The blocks to growth can be your attachments to past experiences and your fear of expanding. When you let go of fears and allow your Self to expand, you will no longer spend time in fear wondering if you are right or wrong. Instead you will stop comparing yourself to others and rise above fear to experience your unlimited potential.

The capacity to live with courage, communicate with power and move through life with strength comes to a mind that is fearless, neutral, open and awakened.

Practicing a daily sadhana clears out the subconscious mind and releases you from anything you are holding onto so that you can move forward in a clear and confident state of mind.

Fear is energetically stored in the lower back and relates to the organ of the kidneys. Through this series you will release through the lower back so that you can step into your inner power and strength. The classes in this series will also work on developing your intuition, the inner knowing, so that we can connect and communicate without fear.

This Sadhana Series is great when practiced leading up to something you are nervous or fearful of. Whether that’s a job interview, an important meeting or a big life event. It is also designed to be practiced at any time to clear the mind and step into your power.

Sadhana means spiritual daily discipline. Doing a home yoga or meditation practice can be hard to keep consistent and motivated, so we have created this 11 day series to follow along and stay committed to your practice. Throughout the 11 days a new class will be released each day, along with a Spotify playlist to be played alongside the class if you wish. We also provide an 11 day calendar which we suggest printing out and popping on your fridge so you can check off the classes each day as you practice! Once you have experienced the magic of a consistent yoga practice you'll wonder how you got through the days without it!

What to Expect:
~ 11 Day Series
~ 30 - 35 minute classes
~ Spotify playlists to use alongside your classes
~ An 11 day calendar to plan your classes
~ Create a regular yoga practice

I AM FEARLESS ~ Sadhana Series
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  • Intuition & Communication

    Your intuition is centred through our Third Eye Point, otherwise known as Ajna Chakra (6th Chakra). Working at the third eye allows you to develop stronger communication skills by connecting to your own inner guidance. When you let go of fear and develop trust in your intuition, you can can rely ...

  • Building the Nervous System

    Your nervous system is your wiring system that triggers energy flow in the body. When your nervous system is out of balance your body will enter its fear response of flight or flight more easily. This might feel like a racing heart, shaking of your hands, or your stomach turning. As you build and...

  • State of Mind & Paranoia

    Our negative mind is often our default mind and is can be our biggest obstacle and challenge. Getting caught in your negative mind where you see life through a lens of negativity stops you from achieving your goals and reaching your full potential. When you look at life through a negative perspec...

  • Frontal Lobe of the Brain

    A deep meditative class to work on the frontal lobe of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for your forward thinking, goal setting, creativity and balancing your neruro-transmitters to keep your mood balanced. We'll stimulate this area by creating vibration at the third eye point whi...

  • Balance the Glandular System

    The glandular system is the guardian system for your health. To conquer stress when it arises in your life you need vitality to draw upon. A healthy glandular system allows you to feel full of vitality and energy so that you can handle feeling stressed or overwhelmed. This class is an active clas...

  • Mental Balance

    Start with adjusting through your ribcage, creating pressure in the ribs to balance Ida and Pinagala Nadis which are there two central energy channels that end at the nostrils. Finish with a meditation using the mantra Gobinday Mukanday to clear the mind, build protective energy around you and co...

  • Relaxation & Releasing Fear

    Release fear that is stored within your body. Fear is energetically stored in the lower back and relates the kidneys and the adrenals. We will stimulate through the lower back in poses such as backends and twists to unlock any stored fears. Cleanse the physical body and release energetic blocks t...

  • Power of the Mind over the Body

    A seated meditative class using a lot of breathwork to bring self-healing. You can create inner healing by balancing out the pranic flow within your body through the way we breathe. The breath is a powerful took for regulating your mind and body. Finish with a meditation using breath retention to...

  • Balancing the Brain

    To feel fearless and courageous it is important for our brains to be operating from the neutral mind. This class will utilise a lot of arm movements to work on coordination to balance the hemispheres of the brain. By balancing the brain you can come into your neutral meditative mind, allowing you...

  • Relieving Your Elementary Stress

    Constant stress can create inner turmoil and fear that hinders how you live your life. Life is a gift and to live it fully we must find contentment and peace within. We can overcome stress through releasing tension and inner conflict through our yoga practice. When you clear your energy field and...

  • Experience Your Own Strength

    Quite often we do not know how powerful we truly are. Your subconscious mind can become overshadowed with fear and doubt, blocking your ability to stand strong and follow the pathway of your destiny. This is a powerful class with a lot of back-bending to move the energy flow through the kidneys a...