Mental Wellbeing Challenge

Mental Wellbeing Challenge

A brand new mental wellbeing challenge to transform your mental health! Our original community members will recognise this challenge from our popular 40 day YouTube series we released in 2020. We have taken the best bits from the 40 day challenge and created an 11 day challenge to get your mental wellbeing back on track.

Over the 11 days you will improve your mental wellbeing through a journey of classes to clear negativity and bring you into a positive mindset. You will begin the challenge with classes to move past any negativity that is stored in the mind and body, as well as clear any blocks that are weighing you down and holding you back. As you progress through the challenge you will move into more positivity, focusing on developing a positive mindset, connecting with your intuition and manifesting your hearts desires. Each class will start with a simple yoga set before moving into an 11 minute meditation.

At the end of the 11 classes you will feel uplifted and clear in your mind. Come back to this series whenever you feel like your mental health needs a lift!

Sadhana means spiritual daily discipline. Doing a home yoga or meditation practice can be hard to keep consistent and motivated, so we have created this 11 day series to follow along and stay committed to your practice. Throughout the 11 days a new class will be released each day, along with a Spotify playlist to be played alongside the class if you wish. We also provide an 11 day calendar which we suggest printing out and popping on your fridge so you can check off the classes each day as you practice! Once you have experienced the magic of a consistent yoga practice you'll wonder how you got through the days without it!

Course Structure:
Class 1: Steadiness and Strong Nerves under Stress
Class 2: Let Go of the Past
Class 3: Getting Rid of Phobias
Class 4: Release Subconscious Blocks
Class 5: Vaporise Insecurities & anxiety
Class 6: Remove Negativity & Listen to Self-guidance
Class 7: Keeping on the Path
Class 8: Gain Clarity & Insight
Class 9: Clear Perception
Class 10: Enhance, Extend & manifest
Class 11: Laser-like Focus to Plant Seeds of Intention

What to expect
- 20 - 30 minutes classes including an 11 minute meditation
- New class daily for 11 days
- Music playlists to use alongside the classes
- The opportunity to ask Erin any questions in the comments

Mental Wellbeing Challenge
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  • About the Mental Wellbeing Challenge

    Learn more about the Mental Wellbeing Challenge.

  • Steadiness & Strong Nerves Under Stress

    Stress can make you emotional and commotional. Through this yoga class you will develop a strong nervous system and regulate your energy and mind so that you can deal with stressful situations. Start with a simple yoga set with poses to warm up the body before entering an 11 minute meditation to ...

  • Let Go of the Past

    Memories from the past are stored not only in the mind but within our bodies, creating tension and tightness that can be difficult to move through and let go of. This class will encourage you to move past anything that is holding you back and come into the meditative mind where you can flow with ...

  • Getting Rid of Phobias

    Get rid of phobias in this meditative class to clear negativity. Begin with a simple yoga set to clear negative emotions before moving into an 11 minute meditation known as Tershula Kriya, an incredibly powerful meditation to create healing energy and let go of physiological imbalances or disorde...

  • Release Subconscious Blocks

    A meditative class to purify your energy and build the magnetic field that surrounds you. Move through a yoga set including challenging core focused poses to develop your physical and mental vitality. Close the class with an 11 minute mediation using the Gobinday Mukanday mantra to balance the mi...

  • Vaporise Insecurities & Anxiety

    A deeply meditative class to process thoughts and memories stored in the mind that are making you insecure or anxious. Start with a simple yoga set with poses such as ego eradicator and spinal flex to get your energy flowing through your body before moving into Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya meditation...

  • Remove Negativity & Listen to Self-Guidance

    Clear your energy of negativity so you can listen clearly to your own inner guidance. Begin with poses to move energy along your spine and connect to your navel center before coming into an 11 minute mantra meditation to clear the ahead of you and flow with your own intuitive guidance.

    Music: h...

  • Keeping on the Path

    Often emotions can get in our way and make life more challenging. This class will allow you to become aware of what is leading you astray and guide you back on the path where you are connected to your own inner guidance. Move through a basic yoga set of primarily standing postures combined with m...

  • Gain Clarity & Insight

    When you clear your mind you can come into a space of stillness where things become clear. Start by balancing your aura and strengthening your nervous system as you move through a series of poses using a 22 count breath. Finish with an 11 minute mediation using the mantra 'Har Har Wahe Guru' to b...

  • Clear Perception

    The magic of clear perception comes in when you are deep in meditation. Start with a spinal series to awaken the energy along your spine and prepare your body for meditation. Connect with the universal flow of the known and unknown in an 11 minute mantra meditation.

    Music: https://open.spotify....

  • Enhance, Extend & Manifest

    Build the positive mind and build your creative flow! When we live from the positive mind we can manifest our goals and create the life of our dreams. Begin with a yoga set with poses such as spinal flex, stretch pose and ego eradicator. Finish with a 11 minute meditation using the powerful mantr...

  • Laser-like Focus to Plant Seeds of Intention

    Go deep within to manifest your intentions! A meditative class starting with a gentle yoga class to balance the right and left side energies in your body and prepare your body for deep mediation. Be guided through an 11 minute three-part meditation using the breath, stillness and mantra. Go beyon...