September Week 4

September Week 4

Thursday 22nd September - Intuition & Communication
Friday 23rd September - Equinox Meditation on the Self (NEW)
Saturday 24th September - Creating Magnetic Fields to Expand your Inner Self
Sunday 25th September - New Moon Meditation for the Sunrise (NEW)
Monday 26th September - Open the Heart Center (NEW)
Tuesday 27th September - Reaching Your Mental Richness and Spiritual Strength
Wednesday 28th September - Become Crystal Clear

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September Week 4
  • Intuition & Communication

    Your intuition is centred through our Third Eye Point, otherwise known as Ajna Chakra (6th Chakra). Working at the third eye allows you to develop stronger communication skills by connecting to your own inner guidance. When you let go of fear and develop trust in your intuition, you can can rely ...

  • Equinox Meditation on the Self

    The Equinox marks the day of equal lightness and darkness on earth. It is a powerful day in the spiritual calendar to turn inwards, balance your energy and set intentions for the coming months. This meditation series will take you twice through a sequence of four postures to tune up your energy f...

  • Creating Magnetic Fields to Expand Your Inner Self

    This class will allow you to move through any anger and any energetic blocks in the body. The first half of the class will be more active as we clear our energy through rapid movement and shaking. The second half of the class will allow you to relax and reset as we go into a deep hypnotic state t...

  • New Moon - Yoga for the Sunrise

    The perfect class to practice on the New Moon or at Sunrise. Worship the energy of the sun and the light within yourself. Move through a series of 5 postures while chanting the mantra 'Sat Nam' throughout the practice to connect to your true self and honouring your own inner light. Finish a medit...

  • Open the Heart Centre

    When you are connected to you heart centre you can live life with love, compassion and sensitivity for yourself and others. Use breath of fire to move energy through the heart space, combined with arm movements to expand your energy from the heart. Finish with a two part meditation using a mudras...

  • Reaching Your Mental Richness & Spiritual Strength

    Go beyond the physical body by getting out of your own chaotic mind and experience the infinite. Center your energy and balance the hemispheres in the brain through the use of postures combined with mudras. Working with the mantra 'SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM SAT NAAM WHA-HAY GUR...

  • Become Crystal Clear

    Use the power of your breath to build you energy and clear the energy field that surrounds you. This is a meditative class using arm movements then finishing with some core work to anchor us down at our navel point. By the end of this class you will feel light, bright and centred within!

    This cl...

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